Cathy Hummels speaks plain language to the alleged ad

DUESSELDORF, GERMANY - MARCH 13: Cathy Hummels attends the Charity Dinner "Wiesn Wiesn - Art Against Depression"  hosted by Cathy Hummels and Willem Tell at Hotel The Wellem on March 13, 2022 ...

Cathy Hummels now commented on the headlines about her and Boris Becker.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images


Imke Gerriets

Boris Becker’s early release from prison attracted a great deal of media interest. Celebrities like Oliver Pocher also spoke up. Cathy Hummels also spoke in her podcast “Shitstorms” about the current events surrounding the tennis star, who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison without parole for delaying bankruptcy. Now he is a free man again and had to leave London for Germany immediately.

Among other things, Cathy said of the 55-year-old: “Then you have to go to prison, just like anyone else who would do it.” She also noted, among other things, that she doesn’t like it at all when famous people are “handled with kid gloves” because of their status. He has committed a crime, which is why it is justified that he should serve it.

After reports emerged that Becker reported her for her statements on the podcast, the presenter spoke plainly and clarified the current state of affairs.

Boris Becker is free again.

Boris Becker is free again.Image: PA Wire / Kirsty O’connor

Cathy Hummels talks about the Becker ad

According to the German Press Agency, Boris Becker sued Cathy Hummels, according to his lawyer. It’s about public defamation and Cathy’s statements about the athlete in her joint podcast with Matze Knop. “Anyone who slanders my client in public in the future must expect a harsh reaction from my client and from me”, said Becker’s lawyer. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported on it.

When Knop asked her if she had received any mail from the lawyer, Cathy finally said: “I’ve heard a lot about this ad in the media, but actually I haven’t received any mail yet. I honestly don’t know at all why I was reported and if it’s even me. But supposedly it’s me and then of course I contacted my lawyer Stefan Ventroni.”

HANDOUT - 12/20/2022, -: Ex-tennis star Boris Becker answers the questions of moderator Steven Gätjen in an exclusive interview that was broadcast on the program

At Sat.1 Becker gave his first interview after his release from prison.Image: SAT.1 / Nadine Rupp

The 34-year-old also noted: “We’re just waiting to see what’s coming, but it’s important for me to say that I’m sticking to my opinion. I’m just concerned that prominent people should not be given a special position, because if you commit a crime, everyone should be punished equally. I can’t say any more than that.”

Cathy Hummels wants to speak her mind freely

The comedian pointed out that Becker is definitely one of Germany’s greatest athletes. “I must honestly say there has never been a tennis player in Germany who touched people more and who got people more involved, so that there was a real tennis euphoria in the 80s and also in the 90s. It’s one of our biggest sports stars that we have in Germany,” emphasized Knop.

Cathy agreed: “I’m absolutely in awe of his sporting success, it’s amazing what he’s done.” Nevertheless, she finally pointed out: “We’re also here in our podcast ‘Shitstorms’ and I think we’re allowed to express our opinions. It’s also important to us that we never attack anyone personally, it’s just an opinion here.”

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