Cathy Hummels stark naked: “Do what I want”

Since her divorce is official, Cathy Hummels seems to be talking more about her salvation again. Same now. But the freedom of movement is surprising.

She enjoys her single life, feels liberated, has gotten rid of all inherited burdens. Cathy Hummels has been giving this impression again and again on her Instagram channel for a few weeks. Her divorce from soccer professional Mats Hummels was officially finalized on December 19. The only thing that connects the former couple is the joint care for their son Ludwig.

Cathy Hummels went on vacation with the four-year-old on the day the divorce was announced. “Today I’m going to Dubai,” the 34-year-old wrote on Instagram on December 19. Just three days later, she joked on her channel, “Now I’m a ‘single Pringle'”. Another day later, on the occasion of her new podcast with Matze Knop, she said with a wink to her ex-husband: “Don’t worry, you will remain my first and only true Mats.”

Your relationship status currently plays a big role

She also couldn’t resist a dig at Boris Becker, emphasized her fun together with Lilly Becker in Dubai, presented herself almost provocatively relaxed and relaxed – read more about it here. But her latest post is provocative in a whole different way. Because on her Instagram profile she can now be seen stark naked.

In the style of the recent past, her relationship status is once again in the foreground. “When you’re alone, you’re alone and can do whatever you like,” she writes. Being lonely means being sad. Cathy Hummels ends her statement with the words: “Right now I’m alone, not lonely, not married, single and doing what I want”.