Cathy Hummels suffered from ‘broken heart syndrome’ after split from Mats

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Cathy Hummels suffered from ‘broken heart syndrome’ after split from Mats
Cathy Hummels suffered from “Broken Heart Syndrome” after breaking up with Mats © Instagram: cathyhummels

Her body pulled the emergency brake: Cathy Hummels now speaks honestly about the time after the separation from Mats and that there really is a broken heart.

Munich – Cathy Hummels (34) has been silent about the relationship status with her ex-husband for so long. The rumor mill simmered non-stop and speculation grew louder and louder. But Cathy and Mats Hummels remained adamant and kept their problems behind closed doors. That’s over now – the moderator is more open than ever. A few months ago, the ex-couple announced their separation and before Christmas the final line came: divorce. The Hummel era came to an end last year.

Now the 34-year-old speaks openly about the difficult time and admits that the separation after 14 years together left an “enormous hole”. The beauty shares three snapshots with their son Ludwig (4) via Instagram and writes about her broken heart. “I am very happy that I am getting better and better. Especially physically,” writes the “Battle of the Reality Stars” presenter under the joint photos, which show the TV face in a bikini. Cathy also describes what was actually going on behind the scenes and how worried she was about her health: “My weight kept going down and I sometimes had panic attacks because I was at a loss,” the young mother is honest.

Cathy Hummels: “My body pulled the emergency brake”

It was as if, with all the strength that Cathy showed during the separation, her body could no longer bear the grief, the influencer recalls. “My head was so strong. Pushed everything away, but my body pulled the emergency brake, showed me: finally mourn and deal with this situation, or I don’t like it anymore”.

Now the presenter is fine and in tune with her body, but Cathy is convinced ‘broken heart syndrome’ exists and is what the young mum was suffering from. “I was always with the same person for 14 years. We grew up together. After we split up, there was just this huge hole,” Cathy continued. With the contribution and her honesty, the TV face wants to encourage other women and give them encouragement and understanding along the way. Values ​​that Cathy Hummels has not experienced enough in her situation.