Cazzu forgets about clothes and shows more than his tattoos

Cazzu forgets the clothes and shows more than his tattoos. The Christian Nodal’s girlfriend Every day she shows off her charms more on social networks, while promoting her successful tour “Nena Trampa Tour”, so she has shown it in her most recent publications where she wears extremely striking outfits.

Although in the last hours, Cazzu elicited sighs from his fans because he basically forgot the clothes and he only wore a black velvet jacket, so he exposed his legs and the multiple tattoos he has on his body.

The famous latin singer He also left some white tennis shoes with blue stripes and added some socks; around his neck he placed thick silver chains that gave a unique touch to his outfits.

It also highlights his manicure perfectly pointed white, which contrasts with the black jacket, and it is evident that she is wearing them, because she is taking a picture of herself with her cell phone. Cazzu decided to wear her hair up and get two little buns for this photo.

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Immediately the fans wrote him messages flatteringafter exposing her legs: “I make me die”, “Making me tempt me”, “I love you”, “Goddess” or “The net cazzu will always be my crush“.

Without a doubt, his followers went crazy and it is that in one of the three photographs he shared, he apparently showed more than one part of his body, even in the comments they let him know, although others assure that it is not true and it is only an effect from image.

Controversy over her face

The singer who became famous in Mexico, after she started a relationship with the Mexican regional music singer, Christian Nodal, caused controversy in recent days supposedly because she appeared wearing a different face.

This situation worried some fans because they assured that the rapper had undergone a plastic surgery. They were also struck by the fact that she saw herself with a swollen face, such as her cheekbones, nose and lips, and they pointed out that the artist had abused Botox.

“I swear I thought it was someone dressed as Cazzu”, “it doesn’t look like Cazzu”, “what happened to his face”, “did he have surgery or something on his face?”, “that’s not Cazzu, what did he do”, They wrote online. SEE THE PHOTOS OF CAZZU

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