Cazzu is honest and talks about his affair with Christian Nodal

In recent months, Christian Nodal He has been in the eye of the hurricane due to all the controversies that he has starred in after the breakup of his engagement with Belinda, and since then he has been in charge of monopolizing the spotlight of the press by appearing with different women, but recently he drew attention by letting himself be see holding hands with Cazzu.

As everyone knows, the young Sonoran singer was very fond of the famous Argentine rapper through the streets of Antigua Guatemalawhere they held hands while enjoying a delicious ice cream and were seen to be very relaxed.

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Despite the fact that the renowned South American was seen next to the young man from Sonora a couple of weeks ago, in a recent chat she confessed that she is very single and have no plans to start a relationship with the interpreter of ‘Botella after bottle’.

During an interview for Exa FM, Cazzu was questioned about her presence at a concert given by Christian Nodal in Mexicowhere he could be seen sharing the stage with him and singing one of the 23-year-old composer’s greatest hits.

I had a great time. It was a surprise, I hadn’t planned it, I just went to see the show and well, suddenly we sang together and, in truth, we sang my favorite song. I really like your music”, commented the Argentine rapper, adding that ‘If you are missing someone’ was the musical theme that she liked the most from her repertoire.

Evidently, the interviewer did not miss the opportunity to ask him about your relationship status and pointed out how much he liked to write about love. Realizing she was where the conversation was going, the Argentine singer-songwriter spoke briefly about her affair with Nodal and assured that currently he has no time for love.

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“I like to write about that (love and heartbreak); live it I don’t know if so much, but write it yes. not good and apart with everything we work, always better not”, explained Cazzu, to later continue talking about his new production ‘Nena Trampa’.

And with these statements, the famous rapper ruled out any kind of love relationship with the exponent of Mexican regional music, and it seems that it was not always done to the Sonoran singer, despite the fact that he was seen very happy next to the 28-year-old girl.

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