Cazzu speaks for the first time about Nodal. Are they boyfriends?

CMEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- The Argentine rapper Cazzu referred, for the first time, at alleged sentimental relationship that they claim to have with the Mexican singer Christian Nodal.

It was during an interview for Exa FM that the interpreter of “Lots of dates” made it clear that he doesn’t have time to be in a love relationship right now.

The singer was questioned about her appearance during a concert of the Belinda’s ex-fiancé in Mexico.

I had a great time. It was a surprise, I hadn’t planned it, I just went to see the show and well, suddenly we sang together and, in truth, we sang my favorite song. I really like your music”, he counted. The singer said that Nodal’s favorite song is “If you miss someone.”

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On having been seen hand in hand with Nodal through the streets of ancient guatemala, Argentina dismissed the possibility of having something with the Mexican.

He also said that he likes to write about love, but “Living it I don’t know if so much, but writing it yes”.

He added: “Apart from everything we always work on, better not”.

Rumors of a supposed romance arose after the couple was seen very happy walking hand in hand, then they traveled to Barcelona, ​​Spain, for the rapper’s participation in the festival Spring Sound.

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