Cécile Bois (Candice Renoir): this childhood trauma that marked her life

Cécile Bois returns to service in an unpublished episode of Candice Renoirbroadcast this Friday, June 10 on France 3. If she displays an unfailing smile, the actress remains deeply marked by a misadventure experienced with her family during her childhood.

This Friday, June 10, Cécile Bois is back for a new investigation in a new episode of Candice Renoir broadcast on France 2. For ten seasons now, the actress has played the most dynamic and crazy police commander in Sète. A role much appreciated by viewers that the bubbly fifty-something would certainly have refused if the filming had taken place in the mountains. And for good reason. This natural region is the greatest obsession of Cécile Boisas she revealed to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure in 2019. “During a short family outing, we got lost. I found myself with the precipice below me… No one could hold me to help me, and I was just a child.” And to add: “I was hungry, thirsty, I was terrified! Since then, for me who loves nature, the mountain remains a hostile world.

A bad memory that she had to face during her participation in the show Meeting in unknown land in the mountains of Queyras. “The production did not know that I had been carrying around a trauma since the age of 8”, she then confessed. Although frightened by this filming, the mother of the family did not want to backtrack. “I said yes, I was not going to go back on my commitment.” And by participating in the famous program presented by Raphaël de Casabianca, the wife of Jean-Pierre Michaël took it upon herself to face her greatest phobia. “I thought it was time to face it”she concluded.

Cécile Bois supported by Raphaël Lenglet in this event

And to overcome his greatest fear, Cécile Bois was able to count on significant support. Very close to his screen partner, Raphaël Lenglet accompanied the actress in this crazy adventure. He was like a big brother. He even got angry, shouting: “Do you realize what you’re putting him through!”, she said during this interview. Seeing his sidekick stressed by this situation, the interpreter of Commander Antoine Dumas did everything possible to reassure her. “He also clowned around a lot to appease me.” A new proof of their tender and beautiful friendship.

Photo credits: Julien Cauvin, Denis Manin / QUAD/ TF1

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