Cécile Bois grandmother in Candice Renoir: her character “is having trouble getting used to this situation”

In the columns of the magazine TV 7 Days, published this Monday, May 9, Cécile Bois confided in her role as Candice Renoir in the series of the same name, and on the fact that her character became a grandmother, with some difficulty

From May 20, France 2 will broadcast the very last episodes of series Candice Renoir. The latter ends after a tenth season, allowing the main actress, Cécile Boisto “refocus on [s]for life and on other projects”, as she confided in the columns of the magazine 7 Days TV. Interviewed by our colleagues, this Monday, May 9, she spoke about her role, which she will soon bow out of, but also about his character who becomes a grandmother.

Asked about her reaction when she learned that the screenwriters had chosen to bring it to the table, Cécile Bois explained that it had been done “no problem”. “We just had to treat the event with humor. On the other hand, Candice, she finds it difficult to accept this situation, she does not see herself as a grandmother”, said the 50-year-old actress, before expressing her enthusiasm for this screenplay decision: “At the same time, I find the idea that, once that we saw his daughter Emma [incarnée à l’écran par Clara Antoons, NDLR] grow with the seasons, the series closes, while the young girl, who has become an actress and [qui est tombée] pregnant, lands a cop role.” For Cecile Bois, “there is like a mirror effect, a form of transmission”. “And that is also the subject of this tenth season”she added, visibly happy with the turn the series has taken.

An actress who was “a bit out of breath”

For her part, the actress does not seem to have the slightest nostalgia at the idea of ​​abandoning her famous role. “I was a little out of breath. I spend more time on the road with a suitcase than at home”she said in all sincerity and before speaking about her next roles in front of the camera. “This winter, I shot ‘Addict’, a series of six episodes for TF1. Still, this year, ‘Candice Renoir’ will be the subject of two 90-minute TV movies, including one shot in Corsica and a second around Halloween. she elaborated. On the other hand, Cécile Bois delivered, with a touch of disappointment, by evoking a program which will not take place: “As for the idea of ​​a crossover with ‘Alex Hugo’, it was abandoned. I regret it, because I was delighted to find Samuel LeBihanwith whom I started my career.”

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