Cécile (Married at first sight): Her daughter Anissa in a relationship with a reality TV candidate

Tuesday April 26, 2022, Cyril Hanouna was at the helm of a new issue of Do not touch My TV (C8). And he notably received Imène and Melvintwo candidates who participated in How about we meet?, a dating program broadcast on M6. The opportunity to discover that the young man is in a relationship with Anissa (19), the daughter of Cécile de Married at first sight 2021.

Their story is far from worthy of a fairy tale. After talking to each other for months, Imène and Melvin had the opportunity to meet thanks to How about we meet? But their exchanges were tense, because the young man having forgotten to hang up after a call with the candidate, the latter heard unpleasant words. “Your friend said to you: ‘So, the girl you don’t see?’ (speaking of her) and you, you answered: ‘Yes, it’s Fantômas… Even if I have Fantômas, there are others… I have many others !’ Basically you said you were chatting with other women“, she pointed out to him in the episode.

How did they meet?

On the set of Do not touch My TV, Imène and Melvin have therefore settled their accounts once again. Viewers also learned that while Imene was still looking for love, Melvin’s heart is taken. “I see a girl, I’m dating her“, he first revealed. Although this story is recent, it is very serious for the young man. Asked by the 47-year-old presenter about the identity of the lucky winner, he confided that ‘he it was Anissa. Cécile’s daughter also quickly joined her companion on the set.

Melvin and Anissa met through social media. They exchanged a few messages and for two months, they spin the perfect love. The brunette therefore came to the defense of her boyfriend, described as “Charo“(a man who multiplies conquests).”Anyway me with Melvin, things are going very well. I wish you all the happiness in the world“, she launched to Imene. And the lovebirds ended up kissing in front of the cameras. All’s well that ends well therefore.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/cecile-maries-au-premier-regard-sa-fille-anissa-en-couple-avec-un-candidat-de-tele-realite_a487771/1