Cecilia Galliano’s daughter suffers an accident and doctors believe it was the actress’s fault

Mexico City.- The daughter of Cecilia Galliano Valentina, suffered a serious accident at work, for which she had to be hospitalized in an emergency, and during the care of the young woman, the actress had to face accusations from the medical staff.

During his arrival at the Mexico City The Argentine presenter also addressed the issue of her daughter’s accident before being questioned by the press.

“He just burned all his legs. She has a candle company, she was making them and all the hot wax fell on her body… they don’t know what it was, it was the most horrible feeling as a mother, seeing her tremble and cry that she was burning inside, “he shared .

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But things got even more complicated for the famous, because in the midst of anguish over the tremendous second-degree burns of ValentineCecilia had to face the doctors, who thought that she had caused such injuries.

The medical staff thought that Galliano had gotten into a fight with his daughter and hence the injuries. Photo: Instagram.

“I arrived, with my hair like this (raised), pajamas, barefoot… Valentine in bra and shorts, all red, burned, and me yelling ‘a doctor’. They clean her up and after that they come from her and say: ‘Valentina, can we talk apart from her? We want a statement about what happened to you.’ If she’s putting pressure on you, we can talk apart,’” she expressed.

It was then that the ex of Sebastian Rulli She understood that she was suspected of the accident, since the medical team that treated her daughter believed that she had hurt her.

“They swore that I had given it to myself! That I had slapped her, that I had burned her! ”, She said between laughs.

According to Galliano, the hospital staff thought that the attacks had been caused by her because they both went to the hospital untidy, which led them to believe that it could have been the result of a fight.

Cecilia Galliano assured that she always finds something positive in everything. Photo: Special.

“The two of us had arrived all crazy (disarranged). They must have said ‘these two hit it all,'” she mentioned with a smile.

The 40-year-old interpreter explained that in order to be allowed to leave the hospital, her daughter had to sign a response, in which she assured that her mother was innocent. “We always find something positive in everything,” she noted.

Let us remember that Valentina is the daughter of Cecilia Galliano and Silvio Fornarowhile his second son, Santiagois the product of the marriage he had with Sebastian Rulli.

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