Cecilia Sanabria is renewed every day

There was a time when Cecilia Sanabria it shone and paraded at a steady pace. They were times of magnificent, of great shows on stages set up around lagoons, in luxurious hotels and on international catwalks. Almost two decades later, the model Santa Cruz hasn’t lost that shine, but has changed the parades for social networks and the bustle of the show for family life.

Cecilia is a remarkable influencer, that moves like a fish in Instagramwhere do you have almost 44,000 followers and point to grow on Tiktok, although, he confesses, it costs him more, because it is of another language. “If I grab TikTok from there I don’t stop until the theater (laughs), because you have to see more with corporal expression and another public. But yes, I like networks and help companies to move their sales”, he says.

His followers are young and people who have been following his career for years. Among them, there are many women who want to wear a healthy life style and they follow the advice that Cecilia includes in her publications, where she addresses topics of health, gymnastics and fashion.

“I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, I just have a feeding routine It has become a habit,” he says.

“I have two daughters Lucía, 13 and Florencia, 17 years old, that I accompany them in their development. What one does daily is the best example for them. At home we all go for the same
side when it comes to healthy living, that’s a personal satisfaction,” he adds.

At the age of 18, Cecilia was an advertising image for Casa
Elena, that was your first foray into modeling. In 2000, after graduating as Bachelor of Social Communication of the UPSA, became magnificentbecoming one of the main figures of the agency of Paul Manzoni.

“Pablo was like my mentor. He He discovered me as a model and IInvited to be part of the Magnificent. Those were other times, but the media accompanied us, the girls were well known and we got to cross borders. It was a great time,” he recalls.

Now, the time is different, but it is not without challenges. Cecilia
She combines her work as an influencer with that of a businesswoman. The pandemic was not an impediment to continue with the undertaking that she carries out together with her husband, Andres Herrera.

In a city mall he opened a branch of the carousel, shop specialized in sweetsespecially alfajores.

“We have been very well, to the point that we have already received the proposals for open branches in other cities of the country. On difficult times, we have learned to reinvent ourselves and believe again that you can get out forward despite the adversities”, concludes.