Celebrities celebrate new Greek gastronomic gem in Munich

Munich – Connoisseurs and night owls can breathe a sigh of relief: Munich has a new gastronomic gem! The Greek restaurant “Moro Mou” has now moved into the cult location at Queen Street 34 below the riding school.

Culinary highlights and a bit of holiday feeling

At the opening on Thursday evening, host Klaus Pfeiffer, the owner and managing director of “Moro Mou”, and his team were also able to welcome numerous VIPs from business, society and showbiz to try feasting.

The guests included actor Francis Fulton-Smith, the actor couple Adnan and Franziska Maral, fashion designer Sonja Kiefer with her fiancé Cedric Schwarz, film producer Philip Schulz-Deyle with wife Michelle and lawyer Stavros Konstantinidis with wife Saskia Greipl-Konstantinidis . In addition to culinary highlights, you could also enjoy a bit of pure holiday feeling, because the “Moro Mou” with its stylish ambience is reminiscent of the trendy beach restaurants of Mykonos. Just without the beach and the sea, and even if the weather was rather wintry that evening and the big opening ceremony took place indoors. But the good mood didn’t detract from the weather…

Fulton-Smith: “Finally enjoying a bit of joie de vivre outside again”

Actor Francis Fulton-Smith was enthusiastic: “Finally enjoying a bit of joie de vivre again, that’s really good in these times. I’ve been out very, very little in the last 24 months.” He was enthusiastic about the Greek flair and food: “A great location,” he praised. “I spent six weeks in Greece filming the TV movie “The Athens Crime Mystery.” His favorite Greek dish? “It doesn’t matter, the main thing is that it starts with an ouzo,” he said with a smile. He currently doesn’t have much time to go out: “I recently shot for the series “Herzogpark and now I’m the producer of a new “Polizeiruf”.

“I once played a Greek restaurant owner myself in the movie ‘Kebab Connection’,” said “Turkish for Beginners” star Adnan Maral, who came to the opening with his wife Franziska. “Today we are here to celebrate life and Greek-Turkish friendship. And to eat well! I love moussaka and calamari,” he enthused.

Moro Mou means “my baby” in German. And Klaus Pfeiffer and his team, including Alex Petre and Cleopatra Tatsi, were visibly proud of their new “baby”: “We would like to give our guests an evening’s holiday here. This location has been home to the best Greek restaurants since the 70s: Back then, even Tina Turner and the Rolling Stones danced on the tables in “La Buca”. Now the “Moro Mou” is coming – and we don’t want to forget the fun either! Our concept is based on high-quality cuisine and a party. We have Thursdays, DJs on site on Fridays and Saturdays, who create a good atmosphere. And the napkins are flying again. After the long Corona period, people are longing for distraction and joie de vivre,” says Klaus Pfeiffer.

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Love was in the air… Designer Sonja Kiefer came with her fiancé Cedric Schwarz. Soon the two say “yes” – in the sunny south: “We’re getting married in August on Mallorca. We’re already on the island at Easter – but it won’t be a holiday; we’ll sit down with the wedding planner and plan the decoration and the menu testing – pleasant ‘work’,” she said, laughing. What about the designer when it comes to wedding dresses? “I’m still at it. I’m designing it myself. I couldn’t wear another designer’s dress on such a special and important day. I’m working on it on a tailor’s bust down in the basement, hidden so Cedric can’t see it.”

Despite the wedding preparations, she enjoyed the evening to the fullest: “The party Greeks have a tradition here in this location and I think it’s great that there’s finally one again. I love this place because it’s a green oasis in the middle of Munich and nearby at the English Garden. You only find something like this once in the city.”

“We are very familiar with the place here,” say lawyer Stavros Konstantinidis and his wife Saskia Greipl-Konstantinidis. “We always had our Christmas dinner here in the location. The most beautiful beer garden in town! Today we see many familiar faces and a full house, which is a good sign. We are happy for the hosts and wish them every success.”

Guests are enthusiastic about the “Moro Mou”

“Finally getting out again – a nice thing,” said film producer Philip Schulz-Deyle, who came with his wife Michelle. “I really missed going out. A beautiful terrace and a good atmosphere,” he praised. Friends of Greek cuisine and gourmets get their money’s worth: “We offer everything your heart desires: Lots of fresh fish and seafood, but also high-quality meat dishes such as Irish tomahawk steak or chateaubriand, as well as risotto, salads and of course the Greek classics from tzatziki to Souvlaki. There is also a changing daily menu with other highlights and an extensive wine list.” You are well prepared for the approaching outdoor season: “The beautiful garden offers enough space. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., on weekends sometimes longer”, says Klaus Pfeiffer.

Also present on the opening night: actor Leo Reisinger with his brother Joseph, PR expert Phoebe Rocchi, who organized the opening, lawyer Roland Hasl with his wife Petra and son Philipp, designer Natascha Grün, blogger Denn Mitch, restaurateur Uli Springer (including “Café Reitschule ), restaurateur Dieter Hochreiter (“Haxnbraterei”) and many more.

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