Celebrities turn La Romana into the city of dream weddings

Santo Domingo. DR

Over time, film, music and television celebrities turned La Romana into the city of dream weddings and this Friday its main stage, Casa de Campo, will once again host another of these great events, which this time involves to the Dominican presenter Francisca.

As well as Francisca and Franceso Zampogna, other entertainment stars have decided that La Romana is the dream territory for their marriages, as is the case of Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima, Luz García and Manuel Soto Jiménez, Celinés Toribio and Giancarlo Chersich, Luis Alfonso de Borbón and María Margarita Vargas, Karen Yapoort and Edwin Encarnación.

+ Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima

The Puerto Rican salsero Marc Anthony and the Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima join the list of couples who chose that destiny to become husband and wife.

The celebrities were married in the residence that the artist owns in the Casa de Campo tourist complex, in La Romana, Dominican Republic, although they are currently separated, in 2014 they were a happy couple who walked towards the altar.

De Lima, 19 years younger than her now ex-husband, did not conceive children with the salsero and both divorced in 2016 with separate assets by an agreement signed before marriage.

+ Luz Garcia and Manuel Soto Jimenez

In 2008, the television presenter, Luz García, and the Dominican businessman, Manuel Soto Jiménez, gave each other the kiss that sealed the “Yes, I do!” in the tourist destination of La Romana, specifically in Casa de Campo.

Although today this union is dissolved, because they separated in 2008, it was at a very intimate reception, to which few people were invited, that the mocana married.

Fruit of that love was born a boy named Miguel Ángel Soto.

+ Celinés Toribio and Giancarlo Chersich

On Saturday, April 18, 2009, the wedding of actress and television presenter Celinés Toribio and Giancarlo Chersich was celebrated in Altos de Chavón, in Casa de Campo.

The press then reported that Celinés Toribio arrived in a 1946 Plymouth Chrysler, accompanied by her father Héctor Rafael Toribio and her bridesmaids, which included famous actress Michelle Rodriguez.

The party -held in the exclusive villa Punta Águila, in Casa de Campo– began with a performance by Dominican singer Wason Brazobán, who performed his classic song “Mi Reina”, while the bride and groom danced it on the dance floor.

Due to a torrential downpour, the religious ceremony – which was supposed to start at 4:00 p.m. outdoors in Altos de Chavón – was delayed almost two hours and had to be moved inside the San Estanislao church. , reported People in Spanish.

At the ceremony, attended by some 250 guests, the bride wore a dress by Dominican designer Lucía Rodríguez with French lace and Swarovski crystals.

+ Luis Alfonso de Bourbon and Maria Margarita Vargas

Luis Alfonso de Borbón Martínez-Bordiú married the Venezuelan María Margarita Vargas Santaella in 2004 in the church of San Estanislao de Cracovia, in La Romana.

The wedding was attended by some 1,500 guests, and was held in front of the spectacular Chavón River canyon. For the event, a 3,000-meter tent was erected.

At the time, it was striking, in addition to the distinction for the country that a member of the Spanish royalty chose a Dominican city to marry, that the security measures were extraordinary, with more than a hundred guards guarding the entrances to the Altos de Chavon.

Luis Alfonso, 30, is the son of Alfonso de Borbón, Duke of Cádiz and cousin of King Juan Carlos, and Carmen Martínez-Bordiú, granddaughter of General Francisco Franco.

+ Karen Yapoort and Edwin Encarnacion

One of the most anticipated and commented weddings of the year 2017 was that of the communicator Karen Yapoort and the Major League Baseball player Edwin Encarnación.

After several years of dating, the popular redhead said “yes” to the baseball player in an emotional outdoor ceremony held in Casa de Campo on November 26, 2017.

The marriage celebration was animated by artists of the stature of Ozuna, Anthony Santos and Héctor Acosta “El torito”. The latter was responsible for singing at the newlyweds’ first dance.

The dress worn by “La Yapoort” was made by Dominican designer Giannina Azar.

+ Francisca and Francesco Zampogna

One of the Dominican figures who decided to go to La Romana to get married in the church, this Friday, May 6, was the communicator and actress Francisca with her husband and father of her son, Francesco Zampogna.

Although the interpreter of the character “Mela la melaza” has been a bit hermetic with the details of the big day, it is known that the designer of the dress will be the Dominican Giannina Azar and the organizing company is Difiore.

The plan was to get married in a castle in Tuscany, Italy, but the pandemic changed the plans Francisca and her husband, the Italian Francesco Zampogna, and the couple did not want to wait any longer for their religious wedding, so they decided to do it in their native country. of the communicator.

Francisca and Francesco were married civilly in December 2019, but it was not until a year later that they made it public. As a result of their relationship, the couple has Gennaro, her nine-month-old son.