Celebrities who experienced failure before achieving success and motivate us to never give up

The success is not achieved quickly and easily, it takes a lot of effort and struggle to achieve it and perhaps, before, you will experience many failures, as happened to these famous.

And it is that they experienced many failures and rejections, before having the great opportunity of their lives that led them to success, and for that, they had to be constant and fighters.

It often happens in life that before a stumble we lose motivation and we give up, but these celebrities they inspire and motivate us to rise up and fight until we get what we want.

Celebrities who experienced failure before success

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow achieved fame in his role as Phoebe on friendsin the year 1994, but before that, he experienced a failure.

And the actress was fired from the Fraser comedyand was replaced by another actress, something that made her very depressed.

But, that didn’t make her give up, she kept fighting, and the following year, she was chosen to star in one of the most famous series ofand all times.

Reese witherspoon

Reese witherspoon She is one of the most famous and successful actresses of Hollywoodwith a run of more than 30 years.

However, its beginning was not easy. they only hired her for secondary roles and in some cases she received many “no”, in fact, they came to judge her for her physicalconsidering it unattractive.

But she continued knocking on doors, insisting, and fighting, and now she is one of the best and most sought-after actresses.

Kate Winslet

Though it’s hard to believe Kate Winslet suffered bullying in its beginnings for its weightand in fact, their theater peers made fun of her, and she was rejected in leading roles for his physique.

Her did not give up and got small roles, until he had the opportunity of his life, when he starred in titanica alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and rose to fame, and is now one of the most successful actresses.

They teach us that success takes time, but when you feel like it, and if you fight for what you want, you will always achieve it, so do not give up.