Celebrities who have been victims of crime

Day by day, many citizens experience the unfortunate reality that crime has no real stop, and celebrities are not spared either. Crime with and without violence has been a constant in recent years.

There are celebrities who were robbed without being present, in their own home or in their vehicles, while others did live the terrible experience of having a gun a few centimeters away, with the danger that this represents.

There are even those who have ended up in the hospital, like the daughter of Cristián De la Fuente, who was hit in the leg by a bullet after her father managed to escape.

Here we present just some of these cases:

Silvia Pinal was the victim of one of her nurses, who emptied the boxes where she kept some jewelry, which was actually costume jewelry. “Obviously my mom’s jewelry is on the side,” said Sylvia Pasquel.

“The daily bread in this country,” lamented Ariadne Díaz when she shared that she was a victim of crime along with Marcus Ornellas. On a busy street, the rearview mirrors of their truck were stolen.

“And then what’s left? To buy them again and give thanks that we’re fine,” the actress said ironically.

The one who got a big scare was Cristián De la Fuente, who is grateful to be alive, because a bullet passed him very closely that finally ended up in his daughter’s leg. The young woman is safe and hopes to walk again soon, but the scare of being approached by a couple of subjects will surely be remembered for a long time.

Yuridia was a victim of crime while she was in a shopping center. The thieves looted her vehicle and she later sent them a message on social networks: “I want to die right now… I left a bag in my car because I was stupid and it was stolen, that is, my things were stolen, my passport came with my visa, my iPad.”

Comedian Tony Balardi has been a victim four times, in which his house in Morelos has been looted.

In 2019, Susana Zabaleta spoke about what her family experienced. “They assaulted my 13-year-old son Matías and two of his friends in the Chimalistac neighborhood. I’m talking about children threatened at gunpoint. They had them held at gunpoint and cornered on a bench,” the actress denounced. Susana Zabaleta. The terrible experience occurred in September 2019 in Mexico City.

Also a couple of years ago, Ferdinando Valencia had a great time aboard his vehicle. “Those people who assaulted me, I doubt they know how to reach levels of work like the ones I’ve had.” Outraged, he said that he did know what it is to work, although he decided not to file a complaint, so as not to feel more violated.

Perhaps the worst case is that of Talina Fernández’s daughter, since it cost her her life in 2005 at the age of 39. In a van with her children, the actress saw a couple of subjects approaching, and her fright was such that she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.