Celebrities who show how dangerous it is not to accept their age and abuse filters

Many famous They are admired for their talents and beauty, but there are some who have earned the rejection of fans for wanting to show an image false of them.

Filters are common today, and this allows you to improve photos, but some celebrities take advantage of it to change reality and show themselves perfectwithout wrinkles, or dark circles and with a doll’s face.

Something that is denied when the famous They are captured by the paparazzi, or in a video, which is why many fans say that they are a “bad example” for women, because they want to pretend something that does not exist.

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Celebrities who accuse of exceeding the filters and are considered a “bad example” for women

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian She is one of the members of the clan most admired for her charisma and humility. Nevertheless, they ensure that it exceeds with the filters.

through the networks Khloé always edits her photos, changing the features of her face, her body, and even the color of her eyes, appearing to be perfect.

veronica castro

Of the famous Mexicans, veronica castro is one of the most successful, but at 70 it seems that he does not accept the signs of age and You have over-edited your photos.

The famous has come to edit your wrinkles and expression lines, putting on a smooth skin, as if you were 30 or less, causing outrage online.


A Madonna They have classified it as photoshop queen, and there is no image that I publish that does not is retouched, eliminating its wrinkles and imperfections on the face.

In the images captured by the paparazzi, it has actually been seen how it is pop diva at 64, with wrinkles, which is normal, but she doesn’t seem to accept it and sends the wrong message.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer López has also been accused of exceeding the filters and perfect your image, editing your wrinkles and dark circles.

Although the famous preaches self-love and empowerment, it sends a wrong message by retouching its photos so much and not showing itself as it is.

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Kylie Jenner

Another celebrity who is accused of retouching her photos to look like a perfect doll It’s Kylie Jenner who has followed the example of her older sister Khloé.

The youngest of the constantly famous clan edit your photos to the point of seeing unreal and very unattainable.