Celebrity Big Brother star Marie Lang had early stage cancer

Marie Lang (35) was not only with “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2021, but also multiple world champion in kickboxing. The 35-year-old is a fun-loving person. Marie actually keeps her private life out of the public eye.

But a few days ago she posted a picture on her Instagram channel, which shows her very privately, crying in the hospital bed. Marie wrote a long text in which she revealed that she was diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer at the beginning of the year.

A big shock for the professional athlete: “To be honest, I only half noticed the rest of the conversation. Striking? How now? Cancer? What? Me? That can’t be? Preliminary stage? But I’m fit and have no complaints? And if I want children? But I wanted to fight two more times and then quit?”

Kickboxing world champion Marie Lang: “Everything went well”

Lang was a guest on Monday morning (April 25). on Sat.1 breakfast television and spoke in detail about the illness and the subsequent surgery – which fortunately she was only able to have performed after her competition. Because the diagnosis came just two weeks before an important kickboxing fight.

“It was a small operation, even if it was done with general anesthesia, everything went well,” she explained to moderator Karen Heinrichs (48), adding: “I woke up from the anesthetic and cried at first. I was tense – is it benign or already malignant?”

Finally, Marie Lang assured: “High-grade precursor, but no cancer. Everything removed in good health.”