Celebrity emergency – Ranger has to intervene

ATTENTION: BLOCKING PERIOD FOR ALL MEDIA UNTIL FRIDAY, 01/20/2023, 11:45 PM !!!  Day 8 at camp.  After the treasure hunt together, Tessa Bergmeier and Cecilia get into a heated argument.  The ...

After today, one of those stars had to leave the camp.Image: RTL


Vera Siebnich

A very special day in the jungle: for the first time a star was sent home. But before the time came, there was not only a jungle test, but also a treasure hunt and the big bang between two candidates.

Communication is the theme of this episode. But the stars didn’t only find it difficult in the exams. Even in everyday life there were communication problems and once again the scraps flew.

scary moment of the day

Cecilia gave her fellow campers quite a fright. In the middle of the night she suddenly got up from her bunk, went to the campfire and collapsed there. The cameras caught that moment too. You can see Cecilia staggering to the fire and being led back to her lounger by the others. Creepy.

jungle exam

At the “Grand Prix of Murwillumbah” Cosimo competed together with Claudia and Gigi. The three should reach a destination with a car in 15 minutes to keep their collected stars. But of course they don’t have it easy: Claudia is the driver but doesn’t see anything, Cosimo doesn’t see the track either and doesn’t hear anything and Gigi, who is the only one who can see the track, isn’t allowed to speak. So the three have to find another way to communicate, and they do. And as if the obstacles on the track weren’t enough, Cosimo doesn’t just mix up left and right and also lets himself be thrown off balance by the obstacles. An additional challenge for Gigi, who is waving around wildly.

ATTENTION: BLOCKING PERIOD FOR ALL MEDIA UNTIL FRIDAY, 01/20/2023, 11:45 PM !!!  Day 8: Jungle Trial

Claudia, Cosimo and Gigi had to prove themselves in the jungle test.Image: RTL / Stefan Thoyah

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In the end, however, the trio was surprisingly successful: they brought seven stars back to the camp. According to Sonja Zietlow, this is a premiere because “no one has ever brought home more stars in this test.” Tessa and Cecilia’s treasure hunt also took place under difficult conditions. Not only did they have to answer questions, but Tessa was also hanging from a crane that Cecilia controls.

But Cecilia faced a similar problem as Claudia: She couldn’t see anything and could only rely on Tessa’s instructions. Together they should build a tower that will result in a sequence of numbers that can be used to open the locks on the treasure chest. Tessa and Cecilia managed to do that, but because they made two mistakes, the locks on the treasure chest still cannot be opened in the end. “It’s just very annoying. You want to experience something and then you experience something and a defeat right away,” Cecilia said.

quarrel of the day

Here, too, Tessa and Cecilia took center stage. “I’m just pulling myself together,” Cecilia said right after the exam. She thinks Tessa would talk to her like a baby. “I feel triggered,” she explained. In the jungle phone she added: “I don’t want people to talk to me like that!” Tessa countered, “Who are you to criticize me?” Cecilia thought Tessa had “two faces”, the model shot back: “It’s enough, Cecilia, go away and leave me alone.”

ATTENTION: BLOCKING PERIOD FOR ALL MEDIA UNTIL FRIDAY, 01/20/2023, 11:45 PM !!!  Day 8 at camp.  After the treasure hunt together, Cecilia Asoro and Tessa have a heated argument.  The admin...

Cecilia clashes violently with colleague TessaImage: RTL

In the jungle phone she then explained: “I fought back and there is a limit somewhere.” But when she returned to the camp, the dispute between the two had not yet been resolved. “I thought we’d all have a nice last dinner together,” Djamila stated, almost a little disappointed. And Gigi feared for the life of his fellow camper. “I thought: Tessa, work time, over now,” he admitted.

Jungle camp: These stars caused the biggest scandals


Jungle camp: These stars caused the biggest scandals

source: rtl

Disgusting moment of the day

A ranger had to come to the camp and remove a giant spider. The stars stood around the campfire in fear, but ultimately the rangers were unable to capture the spider. “It’s like that, when you see a spider, you’re scared, but you’re only really scared when you can’t see the spider anymore,” Lucas put it in a nutshell, which probably went through the minds of many of his fellow campaigners. He then sarcastically wished them “Have fun at the night watch”.

who is out

For the first time, the spectators weren’t allowed to decide who was going to take part in the jungle test, but who had to leave the camp. The decision was made between Jana and Verena, even if both believed for a long time that they had to go to the jungle test. The moderator duo allowed themselves a joke that went on for a surprisingly long time. Only Gigi, of all people, found out about the two. Verena got the fewest calls and now has to bury the dream of the title Jungle Queen 2023.

Year after year, some very private details about the celebrities come to light in the jungle camp, which will be no different in 2023. So Verena Kerth spoke in Thursday’s edition about her two previous engagements, which ended up going nowhere because it just didn’t fit. She also indicated that she is open to marrying her current partner, Marc Terenzi. He was the one who reacted to it.