“Celebrity penance”: ProSieben viewers at the end – truly disturbing”

“Celebrity penance”: ProSieben viewers at the end – truly disturbing”

7/7/2022 at 8:46 p.m

ProSieben: The station’s best-known moderators

ProSieben: The station’s best-known moderators

Since it started broadcasting in 1989, ProSieben has been an integral part of the German TV landscape. We introduce some of the channel’s most well-known presenters.

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It’s THE trash TV show of the year: On Thursday, ProSieben will show the first edition of its new television gem “The Great Celebrity Penance”. And already the first few moments bring some viewers to their limits. And rightly so.

“You’re dehumanizing them,” host Olivia Jones threw at “Jungle Camp” participant Matthias Mangiapane. But it was at “Celebrity Penance” even harder.

“The big celebrity atonement” on ProSieben: First approach already in the opening credits

Jungle crybaby Giselle Oppermann cuddles with Mr. penis extender Ernesto Monte, Helena Fürst is thrown out of a helicopter and bachelor babe Carina Spack talks about her incontinence in extreme situations.


“The Big Celebrity Penance” You’re in

  • Carina Spack (was part of the ‘Bachelor’)
  • Daniel Koellerer (Former tennis player)
  • Daniele Negroni (former DSDS participant)
  • Elena Miras (‘Battle of the Reality Stars’)
  • Ennesto Monte (Ex of Helena Fürst and Danni Büchner)
  • Giselle Oppermann (ex-‘GNTM’-participant)
  • Helene Fürst (was in the jungle camp)
  • Matthias Mangiapane (renovated his garden for Vox)
  • Simex (probably did something on YouTube)
  • Tessa Hövel (influencer)
  • Calvin Kleinen (made famous by Temptation Island)


So it’s clear that the first few minutes were already a celebration for the ProSieben viewers. “Whaaat? Giselle lies in bed with Ernesto and cuddles. It’s going to be really disturbing,” wrote one Twitter user.

“The big celebrity penance” on ProSieben: fans desperate – “I still have nightmares about Helena Fürst’s jungle camp hairstyle today”

Another jokes: “I still have nightmares about Helena Fürst’s jungle camp hairstyle.” And another jokes: “The nuns from ‘Ab ins Kloster’ had probably rejected them with thanks. A limit has been reached somewhere.”

Well, then we can already look forward to what’s going on on Twitter when the celebrities really start to atone.


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