Celia Lora poses in front of the newspaper forgetting everything, “great news”

Once again the beautiful Celia Lora has monopolized all the spotlights. The beautiful daughter of Chela and Alex Lora decided to pose in front of the newspaper, not worrying about all kinds of attire and letting her beauty simply be presumed and coerced.

Celia Lora He shocked his followers and social networks with the aforementioned photograph that he shared on his Twitter account, which showed that the only thing that the famous Acapulco Shore required to be captured was some newspapers and his most mischievous side.

The star of reality shows and social networks decided to pose in front of the camera with an attitude that made her look even more attractive and in front, leaving her charms very well placed in front of the camera.

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The beautiful Celia Lora decided for the occasion quite natural makeup and her dark hair completely loose and straight, the background of the photograph in question were some newspapers that, of course, passed last before her enormous beauty.


Celia Lora poses in front of the newspaper forgetting everything, “great news”. Photo: Instagram.

To the sadness of his followers and to blow his imagination, the image was reclined just at the right height to be able to circulate in the various social networks with ease and without any restriction.

The publication of Celia Lora It was shared along with an invitation to all Internet users to follow her on all her platforms and social networks, an invitation that was surely accepted by many after observing such beauty, “like a work of art.”

Let’s remember that Lora not only has her various social networks and YouTube channel, but also her own exclusive content page where she ensures she gives much more to her subscribers.

In one of her videos, the young woman confessed that she receives all kinds of proposals and messages on networks; however, only the people who belong to her exclusive page are the ones she responds to and with whom she usually has conversations.

In the past, the daughter of the TRI leaders has been questioned about her plans to change her way of life, to which she answered definitely not, also assuring that the work and professional projects she has are thanks to this, assuring that “it will not sit head”.

The truth is that the aforementioned words were liked too much by those who follow her since they love her way of being, sincere and irreverent; in addition to the style of its content that few can match or exceed.