Celine Dion breaks the silence and surprises her fans

By Laura D’Angelo

– Published on 26 Dec 2022 at 07:30

After her moving video on the cancellation of her concerts, Celine Dion wanted to surprise her fans for Christmas.

For months, the state of health of Celine Dion sparked strong rumours. Forced to cancel her concerts, the singer wanted to speak on December 8, 2022 in a moving video posted on her social networks. Indeed, the artist announced once again to stop his tour. She also revealed the ailments that plague her on a daily basis. Suffering from a “rare neurological disorder”she explained: “I have had health issues for a long time and it’s not easy for me to deal with them. It saddens me enormously to have to tell you that I will not be ready to start my tour in Europe again in February”.

Celine Dion: “Recovery takes a long time”

Because of his many spasms, Celine Dion does not have the strength to go back on stage. “We don’t yet know everything about this rare disease, but we now know that it is the cause of the muscle spasms from which I suffer”. Well known for her exceptional shows, the singer no longer has the energy to perform her concerts. “I sometimes have a lot of difficulty walking and I can’t always use my vocal cords to sing as I would like”. Earlier, she had described her symptoms. “I am receiving treatment. But I still have muscle spasms. Recovery is taking a lot longer than I thought”she said.

Surrounded by many doctors, she is undergoing treatment. “I train every day but I have to admit it’s a constant struggle. It is my children who give me the courage and the hope to continue. To find you again, I have no choice but to focus on my health and I am hopeful that I am on the right track”. Its teams also support it on a daily basis. It was his staff who announced the sad news: “As part of her Courage world tour, Celine Dion announces the postponement of the spring 2023 shows to 2024 and the cancellation of 8 shows scheduled for the summer of 2023”.

She comes out of the silence

But this holiday season, Celine Dion decided to send love to her fans. In a moving video, she wanted to present her Christmas wishes to her audience. On December 24, she wished “A Merry Christmas to all. “I wish you love, happiness, and above all, a lot of health”. Her fans thanked her and also wished her a lot of health. It will take a lot of courage to overcome this ordeal.

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