Celine Dion obsessed with the number 5: the incredible story of her lucky charm!

At 53, Celine Dion can boast of being one of the biggest stars in the world, she who sings since childhood and has multiplied hits, concerts and awards. In the 1980s, she notably distinguished herself by winning the Yamaha Festival in Japan. It is since this event that she has made the number 5 her lucky charm…

This is indeed what his official biographer Georges-Hébert Germain says in a book dedicated to the star, soberly titled Celine. In 1982, the singer was selected to represent France in world singing competitions and, during the playoffs, the figure appeared for the first time. “To determine the order of performances, each competitor drew a number. Céline shot the five, which is pronounced ‘go’ in Japanese (…) She was among the ten competitors selected for the grand finale at Budokan Hall in Tokyo, a large amphitheater that can hold twelve thousand people (…) Again, Celine pulled number five, the ‘go’. This time however, closer to the goal, she was nervous and tense“, writes the novelist.

Celine Dion, who then interpreted the title I have so much love for you, was waiting for her turn at the foot of the stairs leading to the stage, dressed in a white dress made by her mother Thérèse. And, for the third time, the 5 then makes its appearance…”She saw a coin, which she picked up. Seeing that it was marked with a five, she decided to keep it, for luck. Her dress having no pocket, she slipped it into her shoe just before going up the stairs (…) she felt her five yen coin slide under the arch of her right foot, her luck“, he adds. And luck – but also talent obviously – Celine Dion had it by collecting two prizes during the concert: the Tokyo Grand Prix and the Special Orchestra Prize. the joy of his manager, René Angélil.

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