Celine Dion soon in the cinema: in which film?

This is very good news for all Celine Dion fans! Indeed, our colleagues from the American site variety announces that the Quebec singer is playing in “It’s all coming back to me”. Not only does she play, but she also sings! This film will be released in theaters in the United States in February 2023. But we still have to wait to know the release of this feature film in France.

“It’s all coming back to me”, does that mean anything to you? It’s normal, it is indeed the singer’s hit from her album Falling into You, released in 1996. This film tells the story of a young woman who has lost her partner. She still continues to text him. At the other end, the new owner of the phone number doesn’t know what to do. But he ends up answering her.

Celine Dion will not interpret the young woman but her own role of mentor, who will guide this budding couple. This story is reminiscent of the own life of the diva, who lost in 2016 René Angélil, her husband and the father of her three children René-Charles, Nelson and Eddy.

A disturbing story…

While waiting for the release of this already highly anticipated feature film, fans can console themselves with Valérie Mercier’s film. The latter has oriented its documentation on the life of René’s widow, but also quite simply on Quebec. “I watched so many things from Quebec, I discovered a lot of songs, including the very beautiful mile after mile. I listened to music, Fred Pellerin for example, I watched movies, talk shows, TV shows, interviews, and even Double occupation ! I wanted to talk about this Dion family, but also about Quebec. There is not an object in this film that is not from Quebec. All the actors are from Quebec, except me and Jean-Noël Brouté, who plays the make-up artist. “, she tells La Presse.

And to perfectly embody the diva, Valérie Lemercier went through tons and tons of interviews. She also went to see her in concert. But she couldn’t meet her. “I loved Georges-Hébert Germain’s books on Celine Dion and Thérèse Dion. I liked Denise Bombardier’s too. I fell in love with René Angélil. It’s a film that talks about him, but also about Thérèse Dion, and the determination of this incredible trio. », continues Valérie Lemercier.

Celine Dion doubly invested in this film!

What we know less are the tocs with which Celine Dion lives on a daily basis. She also doesn’t hesitate to make fun of herself by telling everything about herself, including how she puts on deodorant, starting with the right armpit, then the left before putting it back on the right!“, she blurts out to our colleagues from the JDD. We still do not know if the main interested party has seen the film. According to Valérie Lemercier, that would have been the case. But Celine Dion has never spoken on this subject…

In any case, the singer never opposed it. “Fortunately, we were able to make the film in the greatest secrecy, without any communication. And nothing was revealed during the filming, no images, fortunately. Celine Dion didn’t want to see anything. She didn’t want to read the script. I think things have more strength that way. “, indeed explained Valérie Lemercier to our Quebec colleagues from La Presse.

“It’s all coming back to me” will also fl*rt with reality. Celine Dion will play a character close to herself. But she will also sing! Indeed, the diva recorded a new version of her title “It’s all coming back to me”. She also worked on additional music for the film. She wrote a song especially for us,” also recently announced American presenter Andy Cohen on the show Watch What Happens Live. We can’t wait to find out more!

Source- https://www.objeko.com/celine-dion-bientot-au-cinema-dans-quel-film-1144770/