Census: watch out for scams, here’s how not to be tricked!

You may have been affected by the passage of the people in charge of carrying out the census. It’s the time for somes areas. But, as time goes by, we are becoming more and more suspicious. Indeed, when a person knocks on our door, we are not necessarily reassured. How to know if it is a scam or not.

Census: a crucial step for a country

The census is important for a country. Indeed, this allows him to know the exact number of inhabitants. In 2022, over 68 million French people have been identified. Not all regions are in the same boat.

Indeed, some departments are very populated such as the north, Paris or the Bouches-du-Rhône… Conversely, some are much calmer, such as Lozère, Creuse or Cantal.

With census data, the government can have a more precise idea and therefore better adjust your measurements. But, as criminals hide everywhere and do not hesitate to usurp the identity of others, they do not bother with the personnel in charge of the census either.

Census: the official dates planned by the government

According to information from the Service Public website, the census does not always take place at the same time. Municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants will be counted between January 19 and February 18, 2023. In particular for cities in France, Guyana and the West Indies.

Regarding Mayotte or Reunion Island, the census will take place from February 2 to March 4.

In agglomerations of more than 10,000 inhabitants, the census will take place between January 19 and February 25, 2023. This is the case for France, the Antilles and Guyana. On the other hand, for the large municipalities of Reunion Island and Guyana, the score will be between February 2 and March 11, 2023.

If you have any doubts about the census dates for your city, the information is easily found on the official webin category ” Is my municipality concerned this year? “. Then return to your city, postal code and you will have the information.

What are the steps?

In addition, it should be noted that the census is completely freet. So, if a person tries to ask you for money, it must be a criminal. The government has raised awareness of this scourge. “Warning: The census is free. Do not respond to sites asking for money. »

Besides, you can also do the online procedures. Just before, you will have received a letter with identifiers and passwords to log in. Responding online is the easiest way to register. The enumerators go to the people to be enumerated to give them a notice on which appear their login details for the site le-recensement-et-moi.fr. They can thus answer the online questionnaire. ”

If you cannot do the census online, an assessor will pass give you the documents to return.

But, you must be wary of one thing: do not take into account your emails or SMS which evoke the census. These are not the methods communication from the public service on this point. So if you get a message, it’s a scam. You can indicate it on the signal-spam platform.

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