César Bono, 71 years old and after 9 heart attacks, has to work

We recently learned that the famous actor Y comedianCésar Bono, had to undergo surgery, all because he had a perforated duodenum, the first part of the small intestine, located between the stomach and the middle part of the intestine, which did not allow him to continue working.

However, now that he is in better health, he has to go back to work, not only because he really likes performanceif not then maintain To his family.

Two months have passed since the famous was hospitalized in an emergency, a hemorrhage that caused the doctors to intervene to save his duodenum, all this caused even him to think that he was about to lose his life.

He is currently recovering, although he is not yet 100%, but if he has felt good progress with the therapies that have been applied to him, he feels ready to return to the stage to support his children and ex-wife.

He shared with the entertainment program ‘Sale el Sol’ that they depend totally and financially on him, so it is difficult to take a break or stop working at some point in the near future, despite the fact that he already has 71 years and what has happened nine heart attacks.

“Very excited to return to work and much need. I had four children, the daughters are married and the sons-in-law, but the male children who are not married depend on me, the mother of the male children also depends on me”.

Cesar Bono / AFP

César Bono shared his experience and the need he has to continue working.

César Bono assures that he continues to feel aches and pains, he has other health problems that keep him worried, his gallbladder, for which he still needs to undergo treatment to solve it.

“I am very surprised by the consequences that this operation has left. Dolores, everyone, I was with the surgeon three weeks ago and I told him about some little twinges and he told me if you’re going to feel them, you’re going to feel pulling and deep pain, ”he shared.

The actor did not stop expressing how complicated and painful this whole process is being and his fans have been concerned about his situation: “I have to check a matter of bile, how do I go there, that you have to have like a bag that does not It is fixed to my body, but it is a bag that I have to carry for a very complicated operation”.

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