César Bono has already been discharged from the hospital

After a complicated month, in which there was even false news about his health, Caesar Bono He was released from the hospital and is now home, recovering.

His daughter María Rosa Queijeiro confirmed to ‘Ventaneando’ that everything is fine and that her father was already going home “to finish recovering.” She recalled that the actor arrived at the hospital for a hemorrhage, which, although it was controlled, perforated his duodenum.

“So, an emergency operation had to be done and it went very well, and the recovery has been very good and very fast,” said María Rosa.

His other children had spoken with Telemundo over the weekend and were positive about their father’s improvement. María del Sol Bono highlighted: “The doctors told us that literally, it was a miracle, that 9.5 out of 10 die with this.”

In these weeks, while César Bono was hospitalized, the false news of his presumed death spread. Little serious sites and Facebook pages circulated the false news, and there were those who believed that the comedian had indeed died. Someone directly asked the producer of the Neighbors series if it was true, but he answered succinctly: “False.”

At 8 p.m. on Sunday, March 13, César Bono reappeared on social networks, and warned that he was improving; “I’m fine, getting better. Thank you all for the well wishes and concern from him.”