César Bono urgently needs to return to work after delicate surgery to support his children

Mexico.- The actor Caesar Bono71, who until a few weeks ago was working on television and theater, had to make a forced stop in his activities after a medical emergency that almost cost him his life, and although he is still recovering, he revealed that he has the need to work as his children still depend on him.

The interpreter of Frankie Rivers in the series of TV “Neighbors” He was about to die after he had to undergo emergency surgery because a part of his intestine was perforated by an ulcer.

The interpreter of Frankie Rivers in the series ‘Neighbors’ had to undergo emergency surgery last March for a perforation in the intestine. Photo: Instagram

In early March, César Bono’s health alarmed his family and followers, as he had to be hospitalized urgently due to heavy bleeding caused by an ulcer, and although it was initially said that the actor was stable, his health It got complicated and they had to operate immediately, because as it was revealed if they didn’t do it, the outcome would have been fatal.

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The surgery to which the protagonist of the monologue “Defending the caveman” underwent was very delicate, and two months later he is still in rehabilitation therapy, however he confessed in an interview for the “Sale el sol” program that he urgently needs to return to work, because he has economic needs.

Bono said that he is in a lot of pain and that a few weeks ago he went to see the doctor who operated on him and told him that he felt strong pains.

I was with the surgeon a few weeks ago and I told him about some stitches and he said: ‘Ah! You’re going to feel stinging, you’re going to feel pulled, you’re going to feel deep pain,” he said.

In addition to being in rehab, César Bono has to undergo a procedure because he has a bag outside his body. “I have to check a bile issue,” he explained.

The actor confirmed that the surgery he underwent was very delicate “a life or death operation, as my surgeon says, a miraculous operation, but the recovery has been very difficult.”

When asked by the reporter if he wanted to go back to work, he replied that he not only wanted to, but needed to.

A lot of desire and a lot of need, notice that I had four children. The daughters are married and are supported by their husbands, my sons-in-law, but the sons are not married and still depend on me financially. And the mother of the male children also depends on me, “she said.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante gives his opinion… again

Given this, Gustavo Adolfo Infantewho is the host of the program “Sale el sol”, gave his opinion, with the reservation that he would not bother César Bono, after he got into trouble with the family of Mrs. Silvia Pinal by declaring that it was unfortunate that he had to be ‘exhibited’ in the play “Little Red Riding Hood ¡Qué wave con tu abuelita!”, which she described as a ‘pinchurrienta’ production.

“I hope you don’t take what I’m about to say the wrong way, but there are moments in life when… César is 74 or 75 years old, he has to worry about him, that he has a peaceful old age, that he doesn’t have uncertainty, the anxiety that if I don’t do theater today I don’t pay the rent or I don’t eat, I don’t have enough gas for the car,” said the journalist.

He added that with all that César Bono, who has a career spanning almost five decades as an actor, has worked for, it is so that he is calm and resting.

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