Chabelo suffers an accident and worries his followers

Mexico.- It is already common chabelo become a trend in social networks when a celebrity dies or every Sunday, the day of the week that his program “En familia con Chabelo” was broadcast, but this time his name stood out due to an accident he suffered and which worried his loyal fans.

Xavier López Chabelo has a large number of followers who are aware of his health, and why not? to make him one or another joke meme in reference to his longevity, and although at first it caused him some annoyance, the comedian himself has declared that he realized that this is the public’s way of showing him their affection.

‘The friend of all children’, who will turn 87 on February 17, announced through his official Twitter account what happened to him and the instructions he must follow to recover his health, although of course, He did it with the good humor that characterizes him.

I have a little hand, I don’t have a little hand… I actually broke my arm, nothing serious, already in recovery and in a cast for the next few weeks, thanks for worrying!” he wrote on Twitter.

Chabelo explained the care that he should have in the following weeks. Photo: Special

After his publication, dozens of followers sent him messages of support wishing him to recover soon, and of course there were no shortage of memes taking advantage of the situation.

“A hug sir and I hope you recover soon”, “I’m glad you’re well and that you recover soon”, “Get well Chabelo! Greetings from the friends of the province and the whole world”, were some of the messages he received actor and comedian.

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