Chalino Sanchez and Valentin Elizalde Similarity in their deaths

One of the losses that hurt the Mexican regional was the death of Chalino Sanchezwho was in full swing in his career that could not even enjoy the fame and popularity that he now has, however, saves strange similarities with the death of Valentín Elizalde.

This Monday, May 16, it will be 30 years since the so-called ‘King of Corridos’ He gave his last concert in Sinaloa, later his body would be found in the bushes with his hands and ankles tied and with two bullet wounds in the neck, a fact that shocked the music industry.

The interpreter of ‘Snows of january’ He was just beginning to win over the public’s affection. Mexico when his life was taken from him, he had already established himself thanks to his unique voice style and remarkable talent for the composition of corridos.

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A video of the last concert he offered circulates on social networks Chalino Sanchezwhere before interpreting the song ‘Alma Enamorada’ he receives a note with an alleged threat, however, he ignores it and continues singing.

It is said that on leaving he was intercepted by a group of armed men posing as policemen, they told him that his commander wanted to talk to him, they took him away and it is the last time they see him alive.

On the other hand, the death of Valentín Elizalde also shook Mexicans, it was the year 2006 when the so-called ‘Golden Rooster’ was shot while leaving a concert in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Despite the fact that the death of both regional Mexican interpreters occurred 14 years apart, the truth is that there are strange similarities in some points, such as the fact that the two singers died when they were at their best moment of fame and money .

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In both cases, it was a bullet that ended the life of the performers, being in a violent way by criminal organizations, in addition to the fact that Valentín was intercepted when he left the concert in Tamaulipas and Chalino when he left the concert in Sinaloa, while neither was over 35 years of age.

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