Challenge participant is removed by ambulance

In the last chapter of The Box Challenge, during the advances, an atmosphere of tension and anxiety was created, after an ambulance was seen leaving the training field. Subsequently, the participants burst into tears and show concern for a colleague.

Although it was not possible to reveal who would have been affected, several complaints were heard from the participants, stating that they were very concerned about the health of their partner.

“We are all very shocked” Valkyrie stated. Dani then added: “I have a lump in my throat”, emphasizing the concern for his affected partner.

“As everyone saw it, he left the red box in the company of the ‘Desafío’ medical team. When we have a diagnosis I will let you know.”were the words that Andrea Serna, presenter of the program, heard, stating that at any time they would be giving more details about the health status of the affected person.

It is noteworthy that if the affected person must leave the program due to their health condition, it would be the last one eliminated who returns to the competition; if she is a woman, then she would be the last woman to come out of the reality showbut if it is a man, then the most recent eliminated from this genre would have a new opportunity.

Jhonny Rivera tells how he went from being a street vendor to a famous singer

The reality show which is broadcast on the Caracol channel, The Box Challenge, surprised both participants and viewers with the arrival of Jhonny Rivera to the episode on Thursday, June 23. There, the singer told the Alpha team how he went from being a carpenter and street vendor to a recognized exponent of music.

Sitting down and eating in a relaxed manner, Rivera told his story. “I was a carpenter and I spent my time with my head full of sawdust and I was physically careless; I couldn’t stand the city and went back to work in the fields again and my financial situation was getting worse and worse. So I started working as a street vendor selling some small tables. I kept the little tables in a bar where they played a song by Charrito Negro called ‘With a goodbye’. One day the place was full and a boy who worked told me that I sang very well, and another day in that town a person who imitated Charrito Negro sang and put the microphone on me, I sang and people shouted “said the artist.

Then he said that this was the spearhead of his success, since -according to Rivera- after the small exposure he had of his voice, the whole town spoke of him and his great talent. “We made an incredible presentation, my career was born there because eight days later a farm owner took me to his farm to sing and from then on I did not stop, until today,” said the Colombian.

In the end, Rivera said goodbye amid hugs and harangues from the participants who listened attentively to their stories, which motivate them to continue with the tough tests they must face every day.