Chanel sweeps her look on the turquoise Eurovision carpet

    Nothing is missing for the great Eurovisiva event to arrive. Next Tuesday 10 will take place the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contestwhile the second part will be broadcast on Thursday the 12th. Lastly, the grand finale will take place this Saturday the 14th at the Pala Alpitour venue in Turin, Italy. And of course, to whet your appetite, this past Sunday the protocol took place turquoise rug of the event, its particular ‘red carpet’ where the candidates and their companions on stage are officially presented. A stroll in which chanell shone with its own light, presenting a high-rise ‘look’ that quickly went viral on social networks.

    The 31-year-old Spanish representative, who will try to win the glass microphone thanks to the song ‘SloMo’, attended the ‘photocall’ with an impressive ‘look’ made up of a red ‘top’ with black polka dots, a successful black miniskirt and a eye-catching coat with a long tail and whose inspiration was clearly that of the carnation, a representative symbol of Spanish culture that Chanel wore in an excellent way. To top it off, the artist’s ‘beauty’ consisted of polished hair with a central parting and two strands in the purest Y2K style and red lips that matched the ‘outfit’. Simply pristine. The thimble that signed said ‘look’ was It Spaina brand openly championing the LGBT+ movement that regularly dresses figures such as Supremme de Luxe and Hugácea Crujiente, as well as the costumes for ‘La Piedad’, the next film by Eduardo Casanova.

    chanel, arriving with his companions to the turquoise eurovision carpet

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    chanel, on the turquoise eurovision carpet

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    The bet of style for your performance

    A couple of days ago we saw for the first time what Chanel will look like during the grand finale on Saturday in Turin, revealing through a first rehearsal the long-awaited ‘look’ of our representative. In this case, the singer’s creative team trusted in the hands of Palomo Spain for the making of an outfit that left no one indifferent: a bullfighter-inspired suit that incorporates more than 50,000 Swarovski crystals.

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    “It has been a spectacular job by my entire team, and we have worked thousands of hours. Even my mother and my aunt have sewn crystals!”, said the Cordovan designer excitedly. Of course, the ‘hype’ that Chanel has revived this year around Eurovision —based on her controversial victory at BeniFest— promises to leave half the country hooked on this Saturday’s gala. Be careful, because we have a chance of winning: according to the bookmakers, we are in fifth place, while the popular My Eurovision Scoreboard poll attributes the victory to us. Anything can happen.

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