Channing Tatum: Back in court against Jenna Dewan, 4 years after their divorce!

If they have agreed rather well on the custody of their daughter, Everly, now aged 9, the same is not true for their money: four years after their divorce, Channing Tatum and his ex-wife Jenna Dewan have gone to court again in recent weeks. The reason ? If the joint accounts were separated in two, the American actor kept the money earned during the saga magic mikewhich contributed to its success.

Problem, the American actress considers that she should have received part of it because it is thanks to her that her ex-husband met the film crew, of which the choreographer of the three films Alison Faulk… is an old friend. to her. And the profits could be colossal: the first two films brought in nearly $300 million in revenue and the third, currently in production, could be just as strong.

Their lawyers have been allowed to discuss it privately before a decision is made by a judge in September, if they failed to agree. Yet another legal battle, four years after the official signing of their divorce, which should allow them to finally turn the page. Both have since rebuilt their lives, however: Jenna Dewan shares her life with American musician Steve Kazee and gave birth to their son Callum in 2020.

Channing Tatum, meanwhile, has been in a relationship since the end of 2021 with actress Zoë Kravitz, a young divorcee from Karl Glusman, whom she married in 2019 in Paris. And as with Jenna Dewan, whom he had met on the set of the first part of sexy dancing, the beautiful romance was first written around the cinema. Indeed, the two lovers met when Channing Tatum had just accepted to interpret the first male role of the first film by Zoë Kravitz, pussy islandthat of a perverse billionaire.

A decision of which the young woman is very proud: “Looking at his work and listening to him talk about the film magic mike on TV, I thought to myself, I think he’s a feminist“, she explained in an interview for the magazine Shebefore continuing:You need to be very far from who you are [pour le rôle] so that it wouldn’t be scary. And I don’t think he’s ever played a dark character, so I can’t wait to see him do that.” And U.S. too !