Chantal Andere: The Televisa actress reveals that she was close to dying due to carelessness

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Mexico City.- Chantal Anderewho recently returned to the theater with the play I love you, you are perfect, now changerevealed in an interview that with only 4 months of age he was close to losing his life due to a severe poisoning.

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during the program Wake up Americathe Mexican artist confessed that when she was just a baby suffered from a problem Refluxso she was prescribed a certain dose of medicine, but the person who was taking care of her did not follow the instructions.

I had a reflux issue and my pediatrician gave him a certain dose of medicine, and instead of giving me four drops he gave me forty, so he poisoned me,” he said.

The star of successful melodramas such as the usurper, my fortune is to love you either distilling loveexplained that the doctors came to evict her, however, and against all odds, she managed to cling to life and get ahead.

The doctors told my mother: ‘if she spends the next 8 hours, we’ll get her out.'” She says that they were the worst 8 hours of her life, “but here I am.”

The actress Jacqueline Chantal Fernandez Anderehis full name, is currently 50 years old and has had a long career with Televisa thanks to her endearing characters in soap operas, but above all for her villainous roles.

Source: TV Notes