Chantal Lacroix is ​​going through an important stage in her life and shares a photo that says it all

This Wednesday, Chantal Lacroix shared a photo of the destruction of her house, which burned in the spring of 2021by a mechanical shovel.

Along with the image, she writes:

An important step in our life this morning, we demolish our house which went on fire. A year later I can tell you that I am “stronger than ever” and ready to welcome what life has for me. Because all hardships cause a change that always opens onto something greater. And believe me, I know something about it, having already experienced it many times. 😜 I am filled with gratitude for the wonderful moments that this house has given us. But like a phoenix, as my boyfriend Nathalie Prudhomme taught me, I am reborn from my ashes. 🥰 »

In the photo, Chantal Lacroix is ​​wearing a sweater from her collection.

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The facilitator now lives with her daughter in a small apartment. She gave her news recently here.

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