Chantal Ladesou: the comedian explains why she prefers to be a juror of Mask Singer and not a candidate

It is a new adventure that has accepted the actress Chantal Ladesou. Soon, viewers will discover her as a juror on the show Mask Singer. A role she accepted rather than another.

Chantal Ladesou does not have to be ashamed of the importance given to her by the French: she knew how to seduce their hearts in 1987 when the public discovered her on the show The class. Coming soon, it’s on the show Mask Singer viewers will find it. With her humor and her particular voice, there is no doubt that Chantal Ladesou will bring pep to the entertainment of TF1. Alongside Kev Adams, Vitaa and Jeff Panacloc, she will take on the role of juror for the new season presented by Camille Combal. As a reminder, the principle of the game is simple: celebrities are hidden behind masks and are unrecognizable in their costumes. They must sing and the jury must guess who is hiding behind the mask. It is behind a costume that the public would have liked to see Chantal Ladesou. But for a particular reason, she resigned herself to taking on the mission of member of the jury.

A busy schedule

Asked on Monday, August 8, 2022 by TV 7 daysChantal Ladesou confided in her role in the show. She admits that she almost participated in Mask Singer as a candidate. Unfortunately, his schedule did not allow it. “We had to learn to sing and take on tour dates, already postponed because of the Covid, to record several shows.” The comedian therefore made the choice to assume his one-woman show with his fansa more than laudable argument.

The production of Mask Singer did not want to stop there. It was then that they offered Chantal Ladesou a new role in the show TF1. “I had launched the idea that I would like, one day, to occupy the position of investigator, and when the opportunity presented itself, the production contacted me”she explains. This wish seems surprising given her quality as an investigator. Indeed, Chantal Ladesou entrusts to TV 7 days have “hard to recognize people without masks”. The task will be even more difficult with the costume… See you on August 23, 2022 to see how the member of the jury is doing!