Charithra Chandran (‘The Bridgertons’) now has a bob and bangs

                        Lady Whistledown has fresh news for us: Miss Edwina has had a makeover. She has been the actress who gives life to the character of ‘The Bridgertons’, charithra chandran, which has surprised us with its new image on its social networks. Seriously, we had to look twice because we didn’t believe it was her.

                        The British actress has published a photo on her Instagram in which she shows off her new ‘bob’ haircut. In her case, she has put aside her very long hair to welcome the most daring version of the ‘bob’ of all: the ‘micro bob’, a hair style that she completes with bangs. It is a quite daring ‘look’, although it is not really a permanent change, but rather something temporary achieved thanks to a wig, as recognized by his hairdresser, Hyungsun Ju. Haven `t you seen it yet? You are going to hallucinate, because the actress is completely unrecognizable.

                        In the comments section, fans keep saying how good this new hair style suits Charithra. There are those who even compare the actress with the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra, and hey, an air is given. Would you dare to copy the ‘look’?

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                        We can’t wait to see what happens with Edwina in season 3 of ‘The Bridgertons’. The character played by Charithra Chandran blew us away with the maturity with which she handled the fact that her sister and her future husband had feelings for each other. What will they have prepared for the new round of episodes? We can’t wait any longer to find out.

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