Charity event: Sylvie Meis, Victoria Swarovski and Monika Gruber help the elderly

What a ray of light! Lots of beautiful women for the LichtBlick eV senior citizens’ aid organization: Sylvie Meis, Monika Gruber, Victoria Swarovski – and above all Saskia Greipl. For the seventh time, the Munich charity queen has organized an event of superlatives. And collected a whopping 150,000 euros for people of advanced age who are not on the sunny side of life as they are…

For her heart project, she spent weeks in the luxury shops on Maximilianstrasse and Theatinerstrasse and called her fingers sore – to get high-quality donations for her raffle worth 80,000 euros: from Chanel bags to Breitling watches to overnight stays in star hotels. “Because I’m doing very well, I would like to give something back to society, I see that as my life’s work,” admits Saskia Greipl.

Monika Gruber pours “Bussi-Bussi-Rosé”.

So now, after a two-year pandemic break, finally back: The Greipl Charity Summer Festival! For the initiator, it was also a homage to her father Erich Greipl, who died in 2013, in the football stadium in Ismaning named after him (was, among other things, President of the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria).

She was able to mobilize her prominent friends Sylvie Meis and Victoria Swarovski to sell the 2,500 lots. And cabaret artist Monika Gruber poured out her own “Bussi-Bussi-Rosé”. All in favor of the LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe. “The association supports 20,000 seniors in Bavaria who need financial help to live, be it for a new refrigerator or an electricity bill,” explained Saskia Greipl.

She was proud and touched by “what we were able to achieve here, despite the rain, 1,500 people came”. And husband, top lawyer and mastermind Stavros Kostantinidis enthused: “It’s perfect how Saskia has been running this summer party with great commitment for years”.

Hosts, entertainers and politicians come together at the Symposium Bavaricum 2022.

Symposium Bavaricum 2022: Monika Gruber in a beer instead of champagne mood


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Sylvie Meis: “Saskia is simply an absolute role model”

Sylvie Meis on the AZ: “In times like these, when the world has become so unpredictable, you can basically get afraid of the future! Saskia is simply an absolute role model, especially when it comes to helping people who are socially disadvantaged and to be able to move mountains with their influence.”

Munich-based resident Victoria Swarovski was also concerned: “It’s really important to fight poverty in old age, which unfortunately is affecting more and more seniors. I think that young people should be there for the older generation in the best possible way!”

Also supporting: racing driver Markus Winkelhock, Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann, Klaus Lutz (BayWa, donated 50,000 euros), Ralf Wintergerst (Gieseke and Devrient, donated 25,000 euros), Hugo Crocamo with his wife Melanie (H’ugo’s, with a pizza stand), LichtBlick Founder Lydia Staltner, Evelyn Schönleber (Mac Jeans, Sylvie Meis has her own collection there), actor Florian Odendahl (with band “Isar Mafia”), Tanja and Christian Ehrmann (with yoghurt trolley) and many more. And Munich Airport also donated right away 10,000 euros.

Doing good is good – Jochen Bendel also shed a tear. “It’s sooo touching how much money was raised to help the elderly! Mindfulness and neighborhood help for our elderly, single people should be a top priority right now,” said Bendel, who moderated with so much passion that Saskia Greipl him for the next 30 years committed …

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