Charlene de Monaco thus prepares her children to be the perfect princes

charlene from monaco has granted an interview from the private wing of the Grimaldi Palace. She accompanied by her dogs, the Chihuahuas Harley Y Aunt and having a cup of coffee, the wife of Prince Albert He has talked about his family, his health and how he prepares his children, the twins Jacques and Gabriellawho have just turned eight years old, for the events they attend -increasingly numerous- and for the institutional roles they will have to assume as they turn years.


After a 2021 marked by a series of serious ENT problems that caused her severe fatigue, Prince Albert’s wife has almost fully recovered which has meant that since the end of March he has recovered his official agenda and has resumed his public activities inside and outside the Principality. Thus, she has been seen in big events such as Monaco National Day, where the entire Grimaldi family was, at Paris Fashion Week and at a charity gala in New York.


In addition, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of her foundation, which works to prevent drowning throughout the world by offering swimming courses to children, the Princess has agreed to be interviewed by Monaco Matin where she has once again insisted that: “My family is my rock.” She prefers to talk about her work, which increasingly covers more fields. She has recently been appointed president of the Society for the Protection of Animals of Monaco, a new facet that suits her perfectly as she is a great lover of wildlife and is committed to its well-being.

– Alberto de Mónaco talks about Charlene’s state of health one year after her return to the Principality

– Charlene from Monaco receives an award for her sports career from Prince Albert!

Regarding her children, who despite being only eight years old accompany their parents on some of their commitments, she assures that “They have their own language and they understand each other. They love and protect each other. and they share an immense kindness between them. They have a pretty unique bondsomething that all the twins share”, he said.


Also, Charlene points out that Jacques and Gabriella were born with responsibilities and duties. “They are still children, but they are beginning to understand their roles. Together with my husband, when we have to go to an event, we explain to them what the ceremony is about or consists of. They like to accompany us and the four of us love to do these jobs together”. Although she acknowledges that “they are still small, they continue to observe and learn before it becomes normal for them.”


From the recent National Day, which took place on November 19, Princess Charlene assures that her children “They were excited and we were proud to see their maturity. Family unity is important to us. National Day is always a joyful moment with the family and for the Monegasque people. This year Jacques was happy to wear the same uniform as his and Gabrielle’s father, very proud to wear his medal”.

Finally, regarding her health problems, the Princess assures that she is “much better than in recent years. I feel less pain and much more energy. I keep recovering, rebalancing myself. It will still take a while, but I’m happy.”