Charlène ignores Albert: What happened between the Prince and Princess of Monaco?

What happened to Princess Charlène? Not much seems to be left of the once happy woman. Even in her latest public appearance, she appeared as a shell – physically present, but mentally far away from the royal hustle and bustle. Is it because of husband Albert?

Charlène and Albert seem alienated

Last weekend, the princess appeared with Albert and the children Jacques and Gabriella at the Sainte Dévote rugby tournament. Although Charlène smiles in the official pictures that the Monaco palace published via Instagram, even inexperienced observers can see that there is probably no happy family behind it. She is said to have largely ignored her husband during this appearance.

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Why does Princess Charlène appear so unhappy?

The last few months (or years) have drawn Charlène, looking at the latest photos her comeback in public seems premature. Only the princess herself knows how she is mentally. However, there are various indications that could explain her absent appearance.

During her stay in South Africa due to illness, Charlène was separated from her children for a long time. Prince Albert came only once for a short flying visit with Jacques and Gabriella. After her brief return to Monaco, she was not able to spend much time with the twins, because shortly afterwards they went to a special clinic in Switzerland.

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Enemies in the palace? Albert’s ex-lover and sister against Charlène

While Charlène was recovering, her husband’s ex made headlines. Nicole Coste, with whom Albert has a son, is said to have met secretly with the prince. When asked about the princess, she is said to have explained that she didn’t care how Charlene was doing.

Even in the royal family there are apparently quarrels with individual members. Rumor has it that Caroline von Hanover made life in the palace particularly difficult for the princess, which is said to have had an impact on her marriage to Albert. The prince, on the other hand, has repeatedly emphasized in the past that there is nothing in the headlines about a relationship crisis.

“Petrified Face”: Nobility expert on the appearance of Princess Charlène

Charlène was absent from her first public appearance on April 30th. Together with Prince Albert and the children, she attended a race in the Formula E World Championship in Monaco. Her appearance further fueled speculation about her physical and mental condition.

Illness not cured? An absent gaze raises concerns

Above all, the absent gaze raised concerns about her condition. “If a hint of a smile flits across the princess’s petrified face, then when she looks at Jaques and Gabriella,” explained nobility expert Michael Begasse in an interview with RTL. However, Charlene is less close to her husband. “Her husband Albert seems almost irrelevant: no looks, no touches!” The Instagram photo that the 44-year-old posted at Easter already showed Charlene turned away from Albert.

Isn’t Charlene healthy yet? “Probably longer than everyone expected”

The princess has not yet fully recovered from her illness, Begasse emphasized. “But even her perfectly styled shell cannot hide the fact that Princess Charlène is not yet healthy again and that the journey is probably longer than everyone had hoped.” The completion of this “mandatory appointment” probably made the worries about Charlène even greater…

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