Charlene of Monaco: Prince Albert must pay him this colossal sum every year!

The situation still seems tense between Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II. The latter who puts absolutely everything in his power to save his marriage. Not wanting to hear about a divorce, he therefore decided to give in to all possible compromises demanded by the princess. It would have all started with the colossal sum spent by the crown for his stay at the residence located in the background that Prince Rainier III had bought. New revelations subsequently fell on this subject.

A public appearance that was not free

Charlene of Monaco had not made a public appearance alongside Prince Albert II for almost a year now. However, according to our colleagues from Here, she had been seen in the stands of the E-prix which took place on the rock for the first time since her return. A presence that would be far from free for the Monegasque crown, which has to pay a crazy sum each year to meet the requirements of the princess.

This information is still mere rumor, it remains to be taken with enormous tweezers. Anyway, it would seem that Charlene of Monaco decided to have her husband sign an ultra-confidential contract. The latter stipulating that Prince Albert II must grant him the annual sum of 12 million euros. This document would also include other clauses that we will reveal to you in our next articles. Stay connected.