Charlene of Monaco radiant during a new public appearance

Charlene of Monaco resumes her obligations with a smile. The princess appeared radiant alongside her husband and children, this Saturday, during a rugby tournament organized in the principality.

A week after his first public appearance on the 1er last May, after having spent nearly a year and a half away from the spotlight due to health problems, the former Olympic swimmer accompanied his family this weekend to the Louis-II stadium to attend the 10th edition of the Sainte Dévote Rugby Tournament.

A new official release, the second since January 2021, that the palace relayed on social networks, revealing several shots.

Surrounded by her twins Jacques and Gabriella, 7 years old, but also by Prince Albert and young rugby players who came to compete, Charlène of Monaco poses there smiling and looking rested.

Charlene of Monaco commented on this outing

An event that Charlène of Monaco, herself, shared on her Instagram account, a first since the family portrait posted in April on the occasion of the Easter holidays. Describing this meeting as “an excellent day”, Prince Albert’s wife also unveiled some photographs of this outing, essentially featuring her as a family.

It must be said that the princess has remained separated from her family for a long time since April 2021. After having spent more than six months in South Africa due to complications following an infection of the ENT sphere which had kept her away from her children and her husband, she had gone to rest in a specialized establishment in Switzerland, barely two weeks after her return to the Rock last November.

A stay in Switzerland which lasted more than three months, before she made her final return to Monaco last March.