Charles Aznavour: when he demanded that Michel Drucker not disturb his wife Ulla Thorcell

Michel Drucker has signed the preface to the book Aznavour seen from behind, to be published on May 19. We then discover a rather comical anecdote about the two men.

This Thursday, May 19, pianist Erik Berchot and publisher Gérard Davoust publish the book Aznavour seen from behind. The opportunity for fans of the artist to discover some memories of the singer. The preface being signed by Michel Drucker, the latter also reveals a few anecdotes to pay tribute to the artist. Thus, readers will be able to discover that the host very often thinks of Charles Aznavour “when, early in the morning, he takes the road to Mouriès”, in Bouches-du-Rhône. It was in this village that Ulla Thorsell’s companion lived until his disappearance.

Michel Drucker then wrote a poignant message: “I’m going to ring your doorbell and you’re going to appear as always, on the front steps of the house. When it’s barely 7 a.m., 7:30 a.m., you were already in your office, facing your keyboard“. A very early hour for a meeting. And it’s not for nothing that the two men saw each other early in the morningsince it was Charles Aznavour who asked the presenter of Vivement Dimanche: “Come in the morning instead, it’s better, because I get up early. I’ll make you listen to my latest compositions and I’ll tell you about some of my memories that you’re so fond of”the artist had asked him.

Michel Drucker: “Your star is the program Questions pour un Champion!”

But it is above all not to disturb his companion, that the singer had made this request to Michael Drucker : “But, above all, don’t come around 5 p.m., that’s where Ulla watches Questions for a Champion. She doesn’t like being distracted!” The France 2 presenter then smiled when the singer asked him for this favor: “It really amused me to discover that like all huge stars – and God knows if you are one – you are not necessarily the first star in your home. The star in your home is the program Questions pour a champion !”.


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