Charles III: the fortune of the new king has quadrupled since the death of Queen Elizabeth II

According Finitythe fortune of King Charles amounted to 100 million pounds at the start of 2021, stemming in part from the wealth of the royal family. Wealth-X reports that Charles’ fortune has now reached £400 million.

Before becoming king, Charles had the funds of the Duchy of Cornwall, from which he took around £23 million in a year (bequeathing £5 million to each of his children, according to the wall street journal). This duchy is made up of estates whose owner (who is only the custodian, since it falls to anyone who becomes Duke of Cornwall) is now the prince william.

Charles’ fortune also comes from Crown Estate, established at some $20 billion, and which covers various properties and lands generating revenues of around £1.3 billion a year.

Charles is set to inherit part of the Queen’s estate, which amounts to several million pounds. According CornwallLive, a treaty dating from the 1990s, this estate consists of a number of properties on which Charles will not have to pay taxes. “Official royal residences, including St James’s Palace, the Royal Archives, the Royal Paintings Collection and other property held by the Queen as Sovereign, are not subject to inheritance tax,” the statement said.

The Duchy of Lancaster represents another source of income. According to a statement issued on its website, “At the end of March 2021, the Duchy of Lancaster had £577.3 million in net assets under its control, generating a net surplus of £22.3 million. ”

The fortune of Elizabeth II would amount to £365million, according to the Fortune List of the Sunday Times. Finally, according Forbesthe royal family’s net worth stands at £72.5 billion, and part at least of this sum will go to King Charles.