Charles III: this interview he prepares in secret to meet Prince Harry

Published on January 29, 2023 at 1:58 p.m.

Charles III: this interview he prepares in secret to meet Prince Harry

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Following the publication of the memoirs of his youngest son, King Charles III could make a more than surprising choice.

By publishing his memoirs, Prince Harry has once again shaken the British monarchy. It must be said that the husband of Meghan Markle was particularly strong there, going so far as to tell very intimate anecdotes. This is how he came back to a violent argument with Prince William, on his complex relationship with his father since the death of Princess Diana, or even on the jealousy of Kate Middleton towards Meghan Markle. High-risk subjects, to which the royal family has chosen not to respond. No comment has therefore been made, but it is rumored that this could soon change.

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A shock interview?

According to The Sun, the King Charles III may well take the decision to speak out in order to respond to her son’s attacks. To do this, he is currently in talks to give an exclusive interview to the BBC. Rumor has it that the interview would obviously not focus on the prince harry, but the opportunity to discuss many topics, including the coronation which is fast approaching. But the king should nevertheless slip in a few words about Prince Harry and his many attacks. A way of defending themselves which could be badly perceived by prince Harry and his wife. However, King Charles does not want to rob the Sussexes thathe even wishes to invite to the coronation.

It remains to be seen what the king’s strategy will be.