Charles III’s Christmas speech: this beautiful tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles III gave his first-ever Christmas speech, recorded on December 13, 2022 at St George’s Chapel. The late Queen Elizabeth II’s son’s first words were for his mum.

King Charles III recorded his very first speech Christmas broadcast on television this Sunday, December 25. This is from St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castlewhere his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is buried. Prince Andrew’s brother delivered his address. And if tradition wanted the wife of the prince philip to be seated when she addressed her wishes to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth, Camilla Parker-Bowles’ husband upsets the protocol while standing. In the images, the new Prince of England stands in front of a huge Christmas tree decorated from recycled materials. As detailed in DailyMail, this Saturday, December 24, William and Harry’s father only wished for one thing : “reunite all his family” after the drama experienced by the royal family on September 8.

A former staffer told the magazine People that for this first year of reign, Charles III “felt the pressure to do it right”. And this Sunday, December 25, an Australian television channel has already broadcast the king’s speech in its entirety, jet lag obliges. And the prince’s first words were obviously for Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles III pays tribute to the Queen

Whether the speech of Prince Charles III airs this Sunday, December 25 at 3 p.m. in the UK, the people of Australia were privileged to watch it in its entirety. Australian TV channel Sky News Australia shared it in full on its YouTube channel. Right after hearing the royal choir, William and Harry’s father took the floor to speak, in the first place of his mother Elizabeth II, who disappeared on September 8th. “I stand in St George’s Chapel within Windsor Castle, where my beloved mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II rests, with my father, he began. Then, husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles wanted to thank the British people who sent him “many very touching letters and messages”.

“I can’t thank you enough for your love and sympathy for me”he added, in solemn silence. The new King of England again referred to Elizabeth II when he spoke of the Christmas period, a “very hard period to face for those who have lost loved ones”. And to conclude: “Their absence is felt at every moment”. One thing is certain, Charles III will never forget his Majesty. And neither do the English.