Chart flop for Gabalier

”A new beginning” – that’s the name of the comeback single by Andreas Gabalier. In the ”Austria Top 40” charts there is rather “A new crash”. Gabalier doesn’t even make it into the Top75!

Harry Styles’ second week at number one with “As It Was”, Jack Garlow’s “First Class” as the highest newcomer (number two). Only 8th place for the new Rammstein cult hit “Zick Zack” and big chart disappointment for Andreas Gabalier. His comeback hit “A New Beginning” does not even make it into the extended ranking of the first 75 places in the Austria Top 40! A flop that was not foreseeable. On iTunes, Gabalier still rose to number 3 on the day of publication (April 8).

“Charts are no longer representative!” “Since the charts are no longer really representative or no longer have any real significance for the path to success, I give it little thought at all. It has absolutely no impact on where you enter the charts or how long you’re in there. It’s no longer as relevant as it was ten years ago or even when I was young,” he comments on the chart disappointment in the ÖSTERREICH interview.

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time, money and love. “It’s only important to me that I’ve made a good album: A lot of time and money has been invested in it. And I also put a lot of love into the product.” On June 17, the time has come. Here comes the CD “A New Beginning”. Gabalier recorded 11 brand new songs and a cover version in Nashville. He then wants to storm back to number 1.