‘Chato’ Barraza demands that José María be responsible with Andrea Muñoz: “I will speak with him man to man” | farándula-celebs-peru-magaly medina-magaly tv the firm | SHOWS

Miguel ‘Chato’ Barraza spoke out after the complaint exposed in the Magaly Medina program about the abandonment of the young Andrea Muñoz in her last stage of pregnancy. The comedian assured that he will have a “man to man” conversation with José María.

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If you’ve made a mistake, I hope you make amends, that you’re responsible. I am his father, but not an ayayero. Also, there is a creature involved and that little angel is not to blame. I hope to see you so I can talk man to man”, he declared to the Trome newspaper.

According to the artist, he has not seen his son for two months and the last time he heard from him, he saw him focused on their relationship: “He is very frugal and is involved in religion… he told me it was fine, but he didn’t say anything about intimate things. I’m not here to ask you, who are you with? Who are you going out with? And those things. Each one lives his life, he is about forty years old”, he added.

In addition, Miguel Barraza asked Magaly Medina not to mention it again because her son is over 40 years old: “And all this bounces off me, because Magaly Medina mentioned me several times on her show… what does she have to put in me? He is my son, but he has to be responsible with his things”, he concluded.

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