Chayanne enjoys the beaches of Miami

The bullfighter singer always turns social networks upside down, and more so when he shows his physique, and he did so, since he was caught enjoying the beaches of Miamithanks to a Paraguayan designer who came to greet him, we were able to appreciate how preserved he is.

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Chayanne was captured by a Paraguayan designer enjoying the beaches of Miami, so as soon as he realized that he was the singer, he did not hesitate to approach him and ask for a couple of photos, which are already the sensation on the internet, of envy this meeting.

In the Photographs The singer appears with that smile that characterizes him and only with a short-type swimsuit, so his marked abdomen and muscles are exposed, in addition to that beautiful smile that always captivates his fans.

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The designer expressed the emotion she felt when she saw that she had met one of the greats of the romantic musicand it is that without a doubt this was a lucky day, who would not want to have the opportunity to meet him and take pictures.

I got very excited. I have always admired him, I know all his songs. In fact, the store often plays the play list of Chayanne, my favorite artist. Let me tell you that in addition to the fact that we all know that he is a great artist, he is also a person with incredible warmth and human quality.

And it is that every day this man surprises more with how preserved he is at 54 years old. Another of the news that continues to be a sensation is that he will receive the Icon Awardthis at the Billboards, so we’re looking forward to the night of September 29.

And as expected, he announced it with great enthusiasm, and he deserves it, his career is one of the most successful, so his followers did not hesitate to dedicate it beautiful messagesall congratulating him and acknowledging the beauty of music that we love.

“I am honored to know that I will receive the Award Icon at @LatinBillboards 2022! I will also be singing in the live show @telemundo #billboards2022”. So far they are the only news that the singer has shared.

Chayanne enjoys the beaches of Miami and raises sighs in networks. instagram special

But we will keep abreast of any news, especially details of his life or this type of news so relevant that they fill us with emotion, do not forget to follow him on social networks, you cannot miss the life of everyone’s boyfriend.

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