Chayanne got his face back! After her supposed Botox, she appeared more handsome than ever – New Woman

Puerto Rican singer Chayanne has been in the artistic world for 44 years and there is no woman who can resist his charming smile and talented voice. Today at 54 years old, time is already showing on his face and like many celebrities, presumably, he resorted to some aesthetic procedures to maintain the freshness of youth.

However, he achieved a “stuffy” effect that, despite the idyll of his fans, “caused a stir on social networks. In September, the singer of “Salomé” received criticism from his followers, who stated on that occasion: What happened to his face? “Why does he look like that?” “He did some retouching” and more comments.

The rumor spread that the bags of bichat, located on the cheeks and that when removed refine the face. As well as other procedures to rejuvenate your eyes, according to a publication in the newspaper El Mundo.

The artist once told People en Español that they have no problem saying his age, since he has no complexes, so he is very happy.

Chayanne is back

This December 24, the singer wished his followers Merry Christmas with an image of him and his puppy. “Merry Christmas to all my beautiful people 🧑‍🎄 I hope you enjoy with family and friends. Remember to save me dessert! ”, He wrote in the post, in which he wears a red T-shirt and a Saint Nicholas hat.

Chyanne is back! Her face has recovered and looks more natural than months ago. “But with this cake you don’t need dessert!!”, “Hello world heritage, Merry Christmas”, “If the dessert is you”, the fans told him.

The singer of “Torero” maintains that his beauty is natural, so he ages with pride and without resorting to invasive methods. “I have always believed in taking care of myself, exercising daily, eating healthy, but without having to deprive myself of what I like. I just think that everything should be done with measure ”, he confessed to the entertainment magazine in 2019.

Plans for 2023

On September 29, Chayanne gave a preview of his new work, the first studio album since 2014. “Como tú y yo” is the theme of his album, with which he reaffirms that he will continue to be attached to romanticism, in the style that led to stardom.

“A record can be more pop-rock and another more pop-tropical, but I have always accompanied myself with romanticism,” said Elmer Figueroa, his real name. And it is that the Puerto Rican will release his album for the first quarter of 2023.

Fans will have to wait until the end of next year to be able to enjoy him at his concerts, since preparing a tour would take him approximately eight months.