check out what ‘Natucha Paris’ currently looks like

Colombian soap opera Peter the scaly conquered the public when it premiered in 2001 with the love story between the town heartthrob Peter Choral and the doctor Paula Davila.

However, the protagonists of this successful melodrama they were not the only ones who managed to leave a mark on viewers. So did countless other characters.

Among these, one of those that was recorded in everyone’s memory despite the fact that it only had a special participation was the namesake of famous Colombian model Natalia Paris.

As we will remember, in the Caracol Television production, Pedro gets into a bind by assuring that he is the businesswoman’s boyfriend and promises to bring her to Freydell for a campaign.

In order to solve the convoluted situation, the “scaly” finds a woman named after the model he he introduces himself to the company and agrees to pose as his partner.

Natalia Paris in "Peter the scaly"

natucha”, as the hero of the plot calls her, fully fulfills her role to help Peter to get away with his latest invention in the company he runs.

However, Dr. Davila he does not take well the fact of not meeting the Natalie Paris that he imagined and creates a tremendous scandal in Freydell in front of the employees.

Behind this remembered young lady was the Colombian actress Liliana Gonzalez de la Torre. At that time, she had some time acting on the small screen in her native country.

Since then, 21 years have passed in which much has changed in his life both on a personal and professional level.

The appearance today of Natalia Paris of Peter the scaly

Currently, the star is 44 years old, the passage of time has benefited her because she looks better than ever and has a brief period away from the world of acting.

After his memorable participation in Peter the scalythe interpreter continued unbeatable expanding his acting career on television and theater.

On the small screen, since he gave life to Natalie Paris until she paused her career, the artist gave life to all kinds of characters in 15 productions approximatelyaccording to Imdb.

Till money do us part (2006-2007), Victorines (2009-2010), Escobar, the patron of evil (2012) and The girl (2016) are telenovelas in which he acted after Pedro, the scaly one.

Until now, the last role he has played for the small screen was Dary light in the second season of the Colombian telenovela the nocturnalpremiered in 2020.

On the other hand, on stage, he has been part of the cast of different stagings in the last two decades, such as unfaithful Y You are unique, but not the only one.

Currently, Liliana is dedicated to giving acting workshops in which he shares all the knowledge and experiences acquired in five years of his career.

Regarding her personal life, eternal “Natucha” of Peter the scaly She is extremely in love with her husband, also a Colombian actor. Gary Forero.

The happy and stable couple, who met on the film sets, also He has an only son whom they named Jacobowho will be 11 years old in a few months.

Likewise, it should be noted that despite being distanced from interpretation, González is still in contact with the public through Instagramwhere he accumulates more than 350 thousand followers.